Two Billion What?

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A former shark wrestler (seriously), I transitioned from the scuba diving industry into technology sales. Since my transition, I’ve helped customers – both technical and non-technical – successfully implement enterprise SaaS solutions at Fortune 1000, Global 500, and Federal organizations. I love helping people solve crazy problems with SaaS solutions.

Prior to tech sales, I co-founded and operated a scuba diving business in Florida, where I did everything from entrepreneur-ing and business development to teaching people to dive and much less glamorous stuff that honed my ability to solve crazy problems with duct tape. In other past lives, I was ‘Benny Beaver’ (Oregon State University’s mascot), commercial fished in Alaska, and told jokes into a microphone.

With the Portland startup scene blowing up the way it has, I started getting interested in what we have in our own backyard. And, as I learned more, I realized that I didn’t have a place to put things that I thought were cool, so here we are. Two Billion Ideas is a collection of thoughts and things I find interesting about Portland, startups, technology, and other stuff.

I work at Jama Software and live in the Portland-area. I enjoy spending time with my wife and our three kids. And, you can frequently find me sleeping in the woods or fishing with fake bugs made of feathers on the river.

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