More Awesome from Vizify

Already awesome Vizify has gotten more awesome. They’ve added personal analytics, so you can see the number of visitors and page views as well as clicks on your Vizify email signature. They’ve also added the ability to add a background image (like this). You can pull from their gallery, Facebook, Instagram, or your personal collection of squirrel images.

If you don’t know about Vizify, you poor soul… but you can read a little about it here and here.

Your Online Presence Visualized | Vizify

For the last few years, I’ve predominately used LinkedIn as my one stop shop for everything about me. More recently, I started expanding my public online presence and, in the process, stumbled upon Vizify, a Portland-based startup that allows you to create an online “graphical bio.” I’ve always thought LinkedIn was great (and still do), but there’s more to people than that. And Vizify allows you to tell your story in a new way.

In the past, I’d tried sites like and to aggregate me online, but this is different. This is a visualization of your online presence. And it creates your graphical bio really, really quickly. It simply takes data from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc. to build your profile. From there, you can add other info, like quotes, factoids, images, etc.

Sample Vizify Profile: Here

You can also stylize it a bit, such as color, and add a number of custom elements, like links, but the customization is pretty limited at present. Don’t know what their plans are, but personally, I think it would be cool to add a few more custom elements, like a full text page (even if limited to a set number of characters), so I could post a summary.

At first, I just thought Vizify was cool. Then, I started seeing a lot of write-ups (like this one from PC Mag) and began realizing the potential impact of an offering like this. From what I’ve read (and I could be butchering this), they are trying to improve how the HR space finds potential candidates and more importantly, provide HR pro’s the rest of a candidate’s story. HR folks are going to google/cyberstalk you, so why not make it easy on them and provide what you want them to see, rather than having them find that picture of you and your buds in a Las Vegas hotel room Prince Harry-style.

It’s in beta, but you can sign-up to get an invite code. Once you do, they ask you to share it with your friends and I encourage you to tweet about it. One of the co-founders Twitter handle is @vizify, so that likely speeds up the process. Also, if you sign up early, you have a better chance of getting that vanity user name you’ve never been able to get.