The Business Case for Tiny Startup Camp

This weekend I attended Tiny Startup Camp. Beyond the awesome factor, here is how the math worked out for me.

My Investment

$50.00       Tiny Startup Camp registration
$10.00       TriMet Fares
$8.75         Lunch at Little Big Burger
$.99           Notepad I filled with tons of notes
$15.00       Hover domain registration
$84.74       Total

My Return

$825.00      8.25 hours of professional knowledge
$50.00        30 minutes of one-on-one coaching
$150.00      6 months of free web hosting from ZippyKid
$100.00      Bing Ads Coupon
$15.00        T-shirt from Cloudability
$6.99          Tiny Startup Camp coffee mug
$8.75          Lunch
$1,155.75   Total

My pay back period was less than one hour and my ROI was I don’t know, I’m on my phone, you do the math.

And, personally, my return goes way beyond that, like the fact that I’m on my way to launching my first tiny startup, met amazingly bright and talented people, and was part of the first Tiny Startup Camp. And if what I learned and my passion for solving the right problem for the right people leads to a successful, revenue producing tiny startup, then BOOM! More return.

Disclaimer: Sure, I didn’t include my time and made some assumptions, but this is my business case, so there.


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