Louis Sahuc | The Brentwood Collection

A few years ago, I was in New Orleans and stumbled into Photo Works New Orleans, Louis Sahuc’s gallery on Jackson Square. He’s taken some spectacular photos, but I was particularly enamored with The Brentwood Collection. It’s a series of photos of chairs in different, meaningful positions. Simple really. One of the staff gave me the background and although it is a little fuzzy these days, it went something like this…

Louis and a business associate couldn’t come to terms on something and his business associate stopped taking his calls and was unwilling to meet with him. Sitting in his office, he looked at two chairs and came up with an idea. He took a number of photos of the chairs in various position, representing the fact that they don’t agree, but they needed to talk. Then, he sent them over. Once his business associate received them, he got Louis’ visual message and they met, and have had a strong relationship since.

I’d post a photo, but, you know, copyrights. So, check out the photos here.


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